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Obstetrics patient information

I regularly curate the best patient information leaflets from various sources and provide patients with links to those documents or websites. This allows them and their families to easily understand medical conditions and procedures, and to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This website and its contents are an ongoing venture in my free time; therefore this page is subject to change on a regular basis. Only some of the links are active on this page; additional information leaflets are available to members (my current patients) only.

Air travel and pregnancy

Alcohol and pregnancy

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling

Cholestasis of pregnancy

Corticosteroids in pregnancy, to reduce risks of preterm birth

Diet in pregnancy

Diabetes in pregnancy

Exercise and physical activity in pregnancy

First trimester screening with NT scan

GBS in pregnancy

Instrumental (forceps or vacuum) vaginal birth

Low platelets in pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting and Hyperemesis

NIPT (commonly called Harmony Test)

NIPT and cFTS ('Nuchal scan' and bloods): a comparison


Third and fourth degree perineal tears

Vitamin supplements and diet in pregnancy

Other Useful Resources

Having a baby e-book. Courtesy: Office of Kids and Families. NSW Ministry of Health.

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