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Performing Surgery

For your first appointment

You will need a referral letter from your GP or another specialist in order to be be eligible for Medicare rebate. According to Medicare rules, a referral letter cannot be sent retrospectively (i.e., on a date later than the actual appointment date). Once you have a referral, please ring us during our working hours; Monday to Friday 0830 to 1700 hours to make an appointment. Our friendly receptionists will be able to help answer any specific questions you may have and schedule an appointment appropriate to your needs.

Once you have made the appointment, you will receive a few documents (including a New Patient Information Form)/links by e-mail. Please go through them carefully. Also, please complete the New Patient Information Form and return it to us. This would enable the doctor to be more aware of your clinical needs, and help you to be served better.

On the day please bring the following:

1. The referral letter

2. Any investigations you have already had (bloods, urine and any imaging result)

3. A list of any specific questions you might have.

For subsequent appointments


The most important thing to bring would be your antenatal card, among other things!

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