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Dr Saibal Ghosh

Guiding new journeys of life, one birth at a time

Dr Saibal Ghosh

Dr Saibal Ghosh is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, based in Southwest Sydney.


He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG), a Visiting Medical Officer at Campbelltown Hospital, The George Centre & Sydney Southwest Private Hospitals, a Conjoint Lecturer at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University and a member of the Medical Advisory Committee at The George Centre, Gledswood Hills.


His main private rooms are at The George Centre, Gledswood Hills. He also has rooms at Campbelltown.

Services Provided

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Why choose a Private Obstetrician and what to look for?

One of the key advantages of having a private Obstetrician is the consistency and peace of mind that comes from having a single point of contact throughout your pregnancy. Your obstetrician will gather all your information in one place, allowing for comprehensive and tailored antenatal care based on your specific needs. ​Continuity of care is another significant advantage provided by private obstetricians. By establishing a trusting relationship and knowing you better, your obstetrician can offer consistent support and address any concerns that arise during your pregnancy, in a way that you suits you better. This continuity extends from antenatal consultations through to the delivery itself. When considering a private obstetrician, it is crucial to assess their skills and experience. Working with an experienced obstetrician instills confidence, knowing that they are likely to have navigated similar clinical situations before. Accessibility is another important parameter. As an expectant mother, you may have numerous questions or moments when you need to consult your obstetrician. More importantly, you would want an Obstetrician who is not too far away when you need him or her, be there for you at the right time and is more likely to support your chosen method of giving birth, if it is safe. Ultimately, the primary focus of a private obstetrician is to facilitate a healthy delivery and witness the joyous moment of welcoming your baby. By establishing a robust patient-doctor relationship, consolidating all elements of your care within a single practice, and striking a balance between patient choice and safety, private obstetricians foster an environment that encourages positive outcomes for both mothers and babies.

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